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Oakywood strives to deliver trendy and useful woodworked products that inspire, invoke feelings of comfort and calm, and provide the customer with top-notch offerings that they can feel good about purchasing. Not only are our products good for the environment, but they are good for your wallet as well. Wood has been shown to last longer than plastic products of the same sort. 

Our wooden charging docks, computer and laptop stands and other products are carved by hand in a woodshop in Poland, Europe. What started out as our small team of two brothers has grown into a global team working together for the greater good of the earth and our company.

We hope you will be as pleased with our products as we are in making them. We feel good about the products we make - and we hope you will feel equally as good about purchasing and using them.

Remember: style doesn’t have to hurt or harm the earth. It doesn’t have to compromise the things you love. You can have the best of all worlds with Oakywood products. We invite you to give us a try today and experience the difference of Oakywood.