wooden desk in nice room

Wooden Desks

Adjustable-height standing desk or regular desk with wooden legs - choose the solution tailored to your needs.

Thick table top made of solid walnut or oak wood, or light plywood top covered with the high quality wood veneer.

Four table top sizes - and each of them enables ergonomic work at a computer, either remotely or in the office.

Wooden Desks

Adjustable Height

Standing Desks

Adjust the height of the desk to your height and the position of the chair. Conduct meetings, design and prepare reports while standing, and when you feel tired - press the button to lower the desk and sit comfortably in front of your computer.

Increase your productivity and work on a better posture. Provide for yourself the most comfortable place to work, which allows you to work and rest on your own terms.

Size, color, finish

Personalize your desk! Choose the correct size, finish and color of the table top. Do you need a desk that will adapt to the way you work? Check out our height-adjustable desk! Or maybe you prefer traditional solutions? You will surely like the classic desk with wood legs.


Regular Desk

Classic at its best. Precisely finished wooden legs for quick and easy assembly. Timeless design - referring to the mid century modern style.

Create a perfect set for work and entertainment that will perfectly match your home office. Choose the size, wood, color of the desk, add some useful accessories... And let us take care of the rest.