elegant desk organization

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A set of magnetic modules allows you to quickly organize items on the desk, providing the right place for each of your favorite items. Thanks to the system of built-in magnets, all OakyBlocks wooden elements connect - in every configuration you choose.

When you run out of extra hand while working, the phone stand will support your device. The wireless charger guarantees that your electronic equipment will be charged at any time.

Choose OakyBlocks elements and create a personalized set of wooden trays, chargers, and holders that best suits your needs.


Choose the most useful elements and create a set tailored to your needs.


We constantly test new solutions and work on new OakyBlocks elements that will extend our system.

Solid Wood

All OakyBlocks modules are made of real walnut or oak wood, covered with natural oils.


By purchasing at least 3 OakyBlocks you will save 20%. Discount applied at checkout.

OakyBlocks is a clever system of small wooden elements that make a big difference on your desk. Pleasant to the touch solid wood adds a lot of warmth and coziness to the workspace. Built-in magnets keep OakyBlocks from shifting, making it easier to keep your desk tidy.

Choose your favorite elements and combine them however you want - creating your own modular system.