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Your space, your story: Cody and Breea

Your space, your story: Cody and Breea

Their workspace is an exquisite blend of elegance, coziness, and earthy vibes. Light colors, natural materials, and carefully selected details create an inviting atmosphere that seems perfect for productive work. To enhance comfort, they’ve chosen Oakywood’s Standing Desk (actually, she ordered it as a Valentine’s Day gift for him) and desk accessories, such as the Desk Shelf and wooden trays – all in oak. Meet Cody and Breea: partners in life and business, photographers and video creators. They are also proud owners of photography and videography studios in Utah. Let’s explore their home office and delve into their inspiring story.

laptop on a wooden desk

Can you share the story of how you met and started working together?

I (Breea) started photography and videography about 12 years ago back in 2012. I moved from Arizona to Utah to be able to film more weddings. I met Cody in a parking garage one morning on my way to film a wedding. We became friends and in order to keep hanging out, he would tag along to shoots and carry all my bags and gear. He was a quick and determined learner, and before I knew it, he knew more about my camera than I did! After being friends for a few months, we started dating and Cody began helping me with the business. He quit his job a few weeks before our wedding and we’ve been working together in our photography business ever since.

Living and working side by side can make it difficult to maintain work-life balance. How does this dynamic work for both of you? Are there any specific challenges you face, and how do you overcome them?

Luckily Cody and I have very different strengths and thrive in separate parts of our business. I focus more on the creative aspects and he loves the business operations. Cody does all the things I hate about running a successful business (invoices, scheduling, finances, contracts, etc.) and I thrive in the creativity and marketing of it all. So our roles are very different. Our main challenge is balancing a business with a growing family. We have a rambunctious 2 year old and another baby coming next month. Our time is precious and so we rely on clear communication and understanding to be able to prioritize and help support each other.

couple wooden desk

What’s the most important thing for you when creating a workspace that allows you to achieve peak creativity and productivity?

Sometimes it seems like a creative workspace and a productive workspace are complete opposites, but we’ve actually found that we can be more creative when we’re more organized. There’s something very special about a clean, beautiful, well-organized desk combined with a pen and a blank piece of paper. We love natural light, organization, essentialism, and the feeling of the environment. We love having the important things within reach, and everything having its own place.

What’s your favorite interior design style that is both aesthetically satisfying and makes you feel comfortable and cozy?

We are drawn to a more modern European style. We love mixing vintage and old world feels with modern industrial, while keeping it functional and comfortable. Natural woods and plants play a big part in our workspace.

solid wooden desk

Among Oakywood’s products, which do you find the most functional and which one would you recommend to people who share their home office?

The Standing Desk from Oakywood is the perfect product for people who share their home office. We love how we can each customize the height adjustments to exactly where we want them. Combined with Oakywood’s desk organization products, we can create a workspace that both of us can use and enjoy.

What advice would you give to other couples sharing a common passion and aspiring to work together?

It’s so important to communicate openly and frequently. We talk about our individual needs and what our environment needs to be to increase productivity. We share our struggles and challenges, and also our wins and successes. And we make sure that we balance time together with private individual time.

solid wooden standing desk

How do you envisage your creative journey evolving in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or goals you're excited about as a couple?

We have so many goals and projects that we’re excited about, including welcoming a new baby into the family and continuing to grow our business. Our workspace and environment is so important to make sure that when we’re working we can be fully focused as we move towards our goals.