Apple Charging Station & Docks

Charging docks for iPhones, Apple watches and Android devices

If you are looking for sleek and functional charging docks for iPhones or other Apple or Android devices, don't look any further! Oakywood designed durable, original wooden charging docks for you, ensuring they are elegant, eco-conscious and super functional.

The beauty of having charging docks

Have you ever wondered why you need a charging dock station? Well, with wooden charging dock your smartphone gets its own specific spot, designed especially for it. Once you place it there, you don’t need to worry about finding and untangling an appropriate cable when your power is about to go out. What’s more, when you are using your phone as a cookbook or to learn a new skill (drawing, sewing or anything else that comes to your mind), you may want it to be elevated to make it handier for you. This is exactly what charging dock does.
Wooden charging docks
Wooden wireless charging station
Depending on your needs, you can go for a classic iPhone dock or Android dock that keeps your smartphone elevated. In our offer you will find docking stations for iPhone and charging docks for Apple devices.You can choose a QI wireless charger, or an Apple watch dock made of a single piece of wood if you are more into a minimalistic look. If you want your charging docks to work as desk organizers, go for an iPhone dock organizer which will provide you with a premium storage for keys and pens. Are you a lucky owner of an iPhone and iPod, two iPhones or a smartphone and an Apple watch? Here come our popular dual, triple and combo charging docks for Apple, praised for their dashing looks and great features.

Oakywood’s charging docks work with all phone covers, making them very versatile. They are equipped with innovative micro-suction tape technology which allows you to place your device on them using just one hand.
Wooden charging dock
Did we mention our wooden charging docks are also eco-friendly? It’s not just that they are made of solid wood which is responsibly sourced. For every product you buy from our shop, we plant one tree. This puts our charging docks among the most eco-conscious gadgets on the market.