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Wooden Accessories for Smartphones

Are you looking for stylish accessories for your smartphone? On our offer you can find unique wooden gadgets that can’t be found in chain stores with electronic devices.

Original and stylish Oakywood wooden chargers apart from being modern and functional gadgets for smartphones are also a unique decoration of your office. Such a solution has many advantages. Obviously, the first and foremost function of the smartphone charging station is to conveniently charge your device and to hold it in a safe way. You can charge your smartphone and at the same time talk or watch a movie even without using your hands. In addition to the convenient use of your smartphone, choosing a basic holder without a charger allows you to elegantly expose your phone on your desk and keep it always at hand. Our collection consists mainly of chargers and smartphone holders but we also offer stylish stands that are compatible not only with all smartphones, but also with tablets and e-book readers. The specially designed model guarantees that even bigger and heavier devices will be safely kept in an upright position.

Unique wooden gadgets for smartphones

All of our wooden accessories for smartphones in this category are significantly more distinguishable from common gadgets of this type made of plastic or metal. It is a perfect solution for lovers of beautiful wooden objects and electronics. Wooden accessories for smartphones on our offer are universal and fit many popular devices, including Android phones. However, it’s recommended to read the product specifications before placing an order just to make sure that the selected gadget will be suitable for your smartphone and this is particularly when purchasing wireless chargers that require Qi support from your device (see: QI wireless charger).

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