AirPods Charging Cases

Wooden AirPods Case

Oakywood AirPods cases provide a stylish and effective protection for your wireless headphones - wherever you take them! Enjoy the highest quality sound enclosed in an elegant, ecological package. Check out our collection of handmade AirPods covers! Our ecological cases are available in two variants that will surely appeal to those who value comfort and quality. The wooden AirPods case is a minimalist, charming decoration for your headphones that you can personalize with a small, stylish engraving. The soft merino wool felt case has a comfortable, metal keychain, which you can attach to a backpack or keys. Do you want to have your favorite music at your fingertips? Keep your AirPods safe and listen to your best playlists in all conditions!

Wooden AirPods Case

AirPods Covers

AirPods covers provide complete protection against dust, dirt, and falls. We handcraft our AirPods cases from solid walnut wood in our small workshop in Ciche, Poland. We hand-polish each of our product, to bring out the natural shine of the walnut wood. The wooden AirPods case by Oakywood stand out for its easy, precise assembly to the charging case and is compatible with wireless charging technology. Oakywood AirPods covers work with docking stations and Qi wireless chargers.

AirPods Covers

Wooden AirPods Cases

Our wooden AirPods case with an additional microfiber layer for additional protection is thin and handy. Each wooden AirPods case has a leather lining and lanyard attachment point. In our offer, you will find wooden AirPods and AirPods Pro Cases - form-fitted for every AirPods generation.

Felt AirPods Cases

Felt AirPods Covers

The AirPods covers made of soft merino wool felt are perfect for those who value comfort and the highest quality of materials they use. Ecological merino wool, strengthened with a thin microfiber layer, keeps your AirPods in place and ensures outstanding protection against bumps and falls. Thanks to a handy keychain, the AirPods case can be taken with you wherever you need to - conveniently attached to your bag, backpack or keys.