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Meet the OakyGirls!

As you probably know, sustainable development is very important for our brand. We focus on the eco-friendly production, but it actually means so much more to us. There are a lot of women working at Oakywood - each of them has her own story to tell, exciting passions, as well as everyday joys and worries.

We strongly believe that sustainable future includes social diversity and equal opportunities. 

Oakywood community gathers many fascinating women all over the world. We like to work with them, because they inspire and motivate us. Get to know our #oakygirls! Find out, what makes their workspaces unique and effective.


Content Creator / Nurse.

What inspires her:
I am a full-time Senior Occupational Therapist working in the NHS, therefore working with, and supporting a brand such as Oakywood is so important to me as they share the same passion for ergonomics. I currently have a content creator/ interior account on Instagram and I am inspired by the brands I work with, their passion and their creativity.

Her perfect setup


UX designer

What inspires her:
I’m a UX designer at PlayStation. I love to express my creativity in both the digital space as well as in interior decorating, and am inspired by Japanese / Scandinavian minimalism and intentional living. Since I mainly work from home, my goal is to create an efficient office space during the day, and be able to transition into a relaxing area for unwinding at night.

Her perfect setup



What inspires her:
I am an Instagram content creator that focuses on academic and cozy desk life while being in the last year of my undergraduate degree and also preparing to enter law school. Inspiration comes to me at random. It may be in the form of having the support of those who are around me or just simply going through good books and challenging tasks.

Her perfect setup

Geeks Like Us

To emphasize, how important diversity is, we also teamed up with Geeks Like Us Foundation.

Geeks Like Us helps people discover their true potential by providing access to educational and training programs focused on cutting-edge technologies, sustainable development, and competencies of the future by operating in four areas:

  • Inspiration: broadening knowledge and awareness of diversity, digital transformation, and future competencies. Showcasing trends and sharing knowledge and experience in the areas of new technologies, innovation, and future competencies, as well as diversity.
  • Education - supporting the education of future competencies. Helping people enter the new technology industry and overcome career barriers by improving their technical skills and enhancing their self-confidence and communication abilities. 
  • People (community) - building a strong community focused on diversity.  Inspiring action oriented towards equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace.
  • DEI & Culture - supporting organizations in building a mature culture that strengthens the power of diversity.  Conducting workshops with business leaders and share best practices in organizational culture and HR processes.

Get to know us better.

Our Materials

Nature, design, and balance – these are the values that guide our creative process at Oakywood. Therefore, we only use sustainably sourced, noble, natural materials of the highest quality. This makes our products durable, functional, and beautiful so using them is pure joy.

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Our Story

Oakywood is a group of passionate people sharing the same core values: quality, sustainable development, and respect for others. Part of the Oakyteam works on site at the Ciche workshop, whilst others work remotely. Although we usually see each other online, we make a terrific, tightly knit team.

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We draw a lot of inspiration from nature, so we take extra care to make sure our products are brought to life sustainably – from the idea to the last stage of the production process, packing, and shipping.

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