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Wooden world maps

Wood World Maps

Top-quality veneer, careful finish in walnut or oak wood, detailed engraved borders of all countries. Wood world maps, created in cooperation with Wooden Amsterdam, are a unique souvenir that will appeal to every fan of long journeys! Wooden world maps are a spectacular decoration that will add warmth and character to any interior.

Wood world maps

Wooden World Maps 3D

Wooden world maps are engraved with country borders and contain the most important islands in the world. Each set includes a magnetic suspension system, a set of screws and magnets, glue, and a template for accurate positioning of all continents. Thanks to the innovative assembly system, 3d wood maps are separated from the surface by about 10 mm - which allows you to create a three-dimensional effect.

Mark your travel destinations and dreams on our wooden world maps. Decorate your interior with every globetrotter's favorite motif!