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Monitor & Laptop accessories

Solid wood accessories for iMacs, MacBooks and other laptops and monitors

wooden laptop & monitor accessories by Oakywood
Unique desk accessories made of solid wood. Made to please the eye and satisfy even the most demanding user.


Wooden accessories for laptop and monitor

Nowadays, we all spend a lot of time at desks, looking at our computers. This is how we work, how we research and how we relax. Thus, adequate workplace equipment is essential. Looking at screen for too long can be challenging for your eyes and necks. We have designed wooden stands for laptops and monitors to make this experience more pleasant and better for your body and posture.

Oakywood desk accessories

Our wooden stands and docks for laptops and monitors are available in oak and walnut finishing. Handmade using responsibly sourced solid wood, they keep your screens at the eye level, helping you to avoid the so-annoying neck strain. Not only they make you healthier – they also make your workplace stylish and neatly organized.

One purchase – one tree planted!

Did you know that for every product bought at Oakywood we plant one tree? Get yourself a timeless gadget and support nature!


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