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Oaky Love Story

The fusion of wood and modern technology.

On Valentine's Day, we want to embrace our love for wood and new technologies, for the planet and sustainable design. Dive into this celebration with us. 

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Woodworking for us is a passion passed down through generations – we keep the tradition alive by blending craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies. Since sustainability is one of our key values, we only use responsibly sourced wood and do our best to utilize the entire log, making our production process as close to zero waste as possible.


Oakywood’s founder, Mateusz, not only is a tech geek but also has a degree in computer science. The first product he designed was a smartphone docking station. From the very beginning, every desk and accessory we craft is conceived with technology in mind – ensuring your favorite devices are not just used but celebrated.


Functionality and aesthetics – that's an excellent match! All the accessories that emerge from our workshop undergo a meticulous journey of design, prototyping, and utility testing. We spend months perfecting every detail to deliver the best solution: a unique, stylish and useful product that delights your senses, elevates your productivity, and adds joy to your daily life.


Our love for nature extends beyond certified materials. Partnering with One Tree Planted and Forever Forest, we pledge to plant a tree or 1m2 of a forest for each product sold. But that’s not all: our workshop is powered by green energy! With Oakywood, you're not just getting a beautiful accessory – you're contributing to a more sustainable world.