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Best home office setups

Get inspired with our desk setups

How to improve your productivity and unleash creativity? Here are some inspirations. We've gathered a few influencers' aesthetic desk setup ideas – they have all incorporated Oakywood's home office accessories into their workstations.

From stylish wooden laptop stands and wireless chargers to convenient desk organizers, these eco-friendly products will transform your work from home desk into a functional, ergonomic, and exquisite space.

Take a look at these minimal desk setups and get ready to reinvent your own workspace!

Cory Johnson

Cory is a commercial roofer and content creator, passionate about photography and videography. His workspace is minimalist and functional which makes it a productivity haven.

His setup:

  • Desk Shelf – the basis of Cory’s setup organizational structure. Thanks to the elevated design, the shelf provides extra storage for accessories you need to keep at hand.
  • Headphones Stand – solid wooden base with a steel handle helps you store your headphones more comfortably.
  • Laptop Dock – the dock, made from solid wood, stainless steel, and breathable merino wool felt, makes it easy to save some desk space by storing your laptop horizontally.
  • MagSafe iPhone Stand – this multifunctional tool has a sturdy base and ergonomically tilted wooden backrest which allows you to conveniently use your iPhone while charging.
  • Felt & Cork Desk Mat – thanks to its high-grade felt content, our mat boosts your work comfort and helps you keep all the necessary items neatly organized.

Jorge Powell

Jorge is a digital content creator based in the UK. His main focus is tech and EDC products. His workstation blends minimalism and practicality with a slight touch of coziness.

His setup:

  • Laptop Stand – wooden stand elevates your device 15 cm to eye level, bringing ergonomic comfort to your workspace. Plus, it frees up space underneath for extra storage.
  • Headphones Stand – thanks to a sturdy wooden base and convenient steel handle, you can enhance your headphone storage.
  • Catchall Tray – stylish wooden tray, available in 3 sizes, allows you to organize small items and store them comfortably at hand.

Kirk Mihelakos

Kirk is a cinematographer, editor, and colorist, fascinated by Sci-Fi pop culture. His setup is neatly organized and inviting: you just want to sit at the desk and start to work with maximum creativity.

His setup:

  • Desk Shelf – the shelf’s elevated design frees up space beneath the monitor and laptop, providing added storage for important accessories like a notebook or pen tray.
  • Laptop Dock – the dock streamlines desk organization, saving space by horizontally storing laptops. Customizable felt strips optimize width and provide additional grip.
  • Pen Tray — it is an exceptional alternative to conventional cup holders and ideal for keeping your writing tools organized.


Nicola is an occupational therapist and content creator keen on Japandi design, wabi-sabi, and DIYs Her workspace is a perfect mix of simplicity, elegance, and comfort.

Her setup:

  • Laptop Stand – the wooden stand raises your device to an ergonomic level, straightening your back and helping avoid painful neck and lower-back issues.
  • Felt & Cork Desk Mat – designed with high-quality felt material, our mat offers comfort and organization for workspaces.
  • Laptop Dock – the dock organizes workspaces by securely and efficiently storing laptops  – or, in this case, tablets – horizontally. It accommodates devices up to 2 cm thick.
  • Magnetic Charging Apple Watch Stand — a multifunctional accessory that simplifies charging and storage of the iconic watch.


Kei is a law student and content creator, providing her Instagram followers with desk setup ideas. Her workspace is productivity-friendly, functional, and creative, but also cozy, thanks to bright and warm colors.

Her setup:

  • Desk Shelf – it provides optimized desk organization by giving ample space for a wide monitor while freeing up room for the keyboard and mouse below.
  • Laptop Dock – offers a space-saving solution for desk organization. Its micro-suction technology and solid construction ensure the safety of Kei’s MacBook.
  • Charging Pad (OakyBlocks) — a compact wireless charger that supports inductive charging of QI-enabled devices. Its size makes it easily combinable with other OakyBlocks items.


Marikken is a content creator — on her Instagram, you can see the beautiful interiors of her renovated classic Lisbon apartment. Her workplace is dominated by elegant simplicity: natural colors and materials create a perfectly calming space.

Her setup:

  • OakyBlocks — a collection of wooden accessories of variable purpose and size that can be combined to create custom organizers. The built-in magnet in each element facilitates a firm connection to others. Marikken chose two trays: Small and Large, and Sticky Notes Tray, all in oak.
  • Catchall Tray – the tray is an ideal storage solution for miscellaneous items such as keys, cords, or even a glass of water.
  • Felt & Cork Desk Mat –  crafted from cruelty-free merino wool felt and ecological cork, the mat is a sustainable accessory that facilitates desk organization.


Karen is a UX Designer who embraces slow living. Her workspace is neatly organized, functional, and ergonomic — it seems perfect for creative yet productive work.

Her setup:

  • Monitor Stand — the stand provides an optimal viewing height. It also creates additional storage space underneath the monitor while elevating the aesthetics and ergonomics of your desk.
  • 2in1 Headphones Stand — it’s a great solution to ensure that your essentials are easily accessible and always ready for use: you can store headphones and effortlessly charge your phone at the same time.
  • Dual Laptop Dock – it provides an innovative solution for desk organization, allowing simultaneous storage of two devices. Plus, you can easily adjust the stand’s width with merino felt strips.
  • Catchall Tray – the tray offers a flexible organizer solution for miscellaneous items, such as a smartphone, pen, or mouse. You can easily place it under the Monitor Stand.


Pinkush is a photographer and content creator, who provides his audiences with neat, functional, and inspiring desk layouts. His workspace is minimalist, meticulously organized, and quite monochromatic – you can assume that black is someone’s favorite color here.

His setup:

  • Desk Shelf – the shelf's raised design lets you place your monitor at the right height and free up room beneath it to keep your essential accessories handy with added storage.
  • Felt & Cork Desk Mat – a sustainable, eco-friendly accessory that provides padding for the keyboard and mouse and helps organize your desk with ease.
  • Headphones Stand – storing your headphones has never been easier – with this stand, you can take your workspace optimization to the next level. 
  • OakyBlocks – a set of wooden organizers with magnets, that serve various purposes. Pinkush combined 4 black elements: Small Tray, Large Tray, Sticky Notes Tray, and Pen Tray.

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