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Thoughtful Gift Guide. For those who care.

Discover the art of intentional gifting

Show your close ones that you care about them! Opt for thoughtful gifts, perfectly tailored to individual needs. With Oakywood’s Gift Guide, you can select sustainable, responsibly made products that ensure comfort and ergonomics in every inch.

Health and ergonomics

Maintaining good posture is paramount, especially for somebody who works remotely. Invest in their health and give them a high-quality, customized desk, meticulously crafted from certified wood. Add an ergonomic monitor or laptop stand to enhance their workspace and elevate desk organization.


Classic Desk

From $600.00
oak, black

Desk Shelf

From $190.00

Laptop Stand

From $150.00

Monitor Stand

From $120.00

Convenience and confidence

Make it easier for your circle to always stay in touch with you. A stylish, user-friendly wooden charging dock or wireless charger will help your close ones feel safe and comfortable, ensuring their phones remain charged at all times.

oak Slim Charging Pad | oak

Slim Charging Pad

From $70.00
oak 2in1 Headphones Stand with Wireless Charger | oak

2in1 Headphones Stand

From $100.00From $85.00

Triple Dock (USB-A)

From $90.00From $67.50

Combo Dock (USB-A)

From $70.00From $52.50

Dual Dock (USB-A)

From $80.00From $60.00

Apple Watch Dock

From $40.00

Combo Dock

From $70.00

Triple Dock

From $90.00

Dual Dock

From $80.00

Daily rituals and comfort

Set your routine and stick to it — that’s the secret of a well-balanced life. Our MagSafe accessories make simple habits more pleasurable. Whether it is yoga practice, beauty routines, or culinary aspirations — MagSafe Stands and Mounts will support the journey towards daily goals.

Tranquility and order

Keeping all the office supplies in perfect order is key to increasing productivity and working efficiently. By choosing Oakywood’s desk organization accessories, you can give someone the comfort and serenity of a well-organized workspace.

Still don’t know what to give?

No worries, we have the perfect solution. When you’re not sure what to buy but you know that the receivers share your values, such as sustainability and care for the planet, you can let them make their own choice: Oakywood Gift Card will do the job.

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