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Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

From Oakywood with love

Thanks to Oakywood men’s Valentine’s gifts you can say "I love you" and “I care about our planet" in one swoop.

Check out our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Don’t forget to use the discount code: "OAKYLOVE"!

Functional Duets

Our products are made to complement each other. While searching for the best Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend, you can choose the most effective duets and let them reinvent your workspace together. Whether your significant other is an IT enthusiast, a tech aficionado, or simply someone who values a well-organized home office, we have the perfect presents to make this Valentine's Day memorable.

Consider surprising your man with a Desk Shelf, a versatile accessory that elevates workspace organization and allows him to place his monitor at eye level. The Desk Shelf pairs seamlessly with our MagSafe iPhone Desk Shelf Mount, providing a secure and convenient spot for his smartphone, ensuring it stays charged and accessible throughout the day.

For the man who appreciates thoughtful gifts, our MagSafe iPhone Stand is an ideal choice. Paired with the Magnetic Charging Apple Watch Stand, it creates a cohesive and tech-savvy setup that he'll love.

Incorporate these carefully curated duets into his daily work routine, and watch as his workspace transforms into a harmonious blend of style, technology, and organization. This Valentine's Day, show him how much you care with gifts that not only express your love but also enhance his daily life in meaningful ways.

oak, black

Desk Shelf

From $190.00

Monitor Stand

From $120.00
oak, large

Catchall Tray

From $45.00
oak magsafe iphone stand - front | oak

MagSafe iPhone Stand

From $150.00

Enjoy them together

Dual docks and chargers are perfect to enjoy them with your loved ones. Check out our timeless products that are not only the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts for him but also make your work infinitely easier. Ideal for husbands, boyfriends, or any special man in your life, our collection of multifunctional products redefine both the functionality of his workspace and the joy of sharing these thoughtful gifts.

The Dual Slim Charging Pad is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men. This wireless charging pad allows you to power up two devices simultaneously, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords. Another great Valentine’s Day gift idea is the Dual Laptop Dock – a versatile accessory that facilitates workspace organization by storing your laptops or iPads vertically.

Our docking stations, such as Dual Dock, Triple Dock, and Combo Dock cater to multiple devices, ensuring that your smartphones are organized and ready to perform at their best. Enjoy the experience of upgrading his home office together, creating a space that reflects both your thoughtful choices and his professional needs. This Valentine's Day, make a lasting impression with these tech gifts that add a touch of innovation and elegance to his daily work routine.


Dual Laptop Dock

From $80.00

Triple Dock (USB-A)

From $90.00From $67.50

Dual Dock (USB-A)

From $80.00From $60.00

Combo Dock (USB-A)

From $70.00From $52.50

Combo Dock

From $70.00

Triple Dock

From $90.00

Dual Dock

From $80.00

Made with love for our planet

All our products come from sustainable production because we care about the planet and other people.

oak, , black

Standing Desk

From $1,150.00

Classic Desk

From $600.00

Laptop Stand

From $150.00

Laptop Dock

From $70.00

Headphones Stand

From $60.00From $51.00
oak 2in1 Headphones Stand with Wireless Charger | oak

2in1 Headphones Stand

From $100.00From $85.00

Cubic Pot

From $40.00
oak Slim Charging Pad | oak

Slim Charging Pad

From $70.00

iPhone Dock (USB-A)


Not sure what to gift?

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Apple Watch Dock

From $40.00

Geometric Pen Pot

From $50.00
oak, airpods pro/pro2

AirPods Case

From $50.00From $42.50

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

This Valentine's Day, make your significant other swoons with something delightfully unique from Oakywood. Not only will you be able to show appreciation for the special people in your life – husbands, boyfriends, and close friends – but you can also enjoy the environmentally conscious benefits of our products.

During the VDay Sale, you can get the best Valentine’s gift for him at a 15% discount and know that it was made of natural, sustainably sourced wood. Share meaningful moments with your loved ones while still cherishing our beautiful Mother Earth.

OakyBlocks — everything you need to organize a desk

OakyBlocks are functional wooden organizers with built-in magnets which help you reinvent and optimize your workspace. Simply place and combine, detach and move OakyBlocks at will to regain control over your desk.


Home office Essentials - Workspace optimization

Good home office organization is essential to achieving peak productivity levels. Conveniently, Oakywood boasts a whole range of accessories to help you organize your home office and make work more comfortable.

Home Office Essentials

Everything for your Macbook — stands, cases, sleeves and more

With MacBook users in mind, we created a range of Apple compatible accessories to make using your devices more comfortable, and to improve office organization and ergonomics.

Macbook accessories

Wooden desks — Work comfort revolution

Oakywood’s desks elevate the quality of your home office setup. Functional design, fine materials, and meticulous craftsmanship are only some of its strengths. Choose your desk in a classic version or with height regulation and tailor it to your needs in our configuration tool.

Wooden desks
oak Dual Slim Charging Pad | ,

iPhone — Cohesion with Apple design

At Oakywood, we appreciate the sleekness of Apple design. With iPhone users in mind, we created stylish wooden accessories to help you store and charge your phone while optimizing your desk space.

iPhone accessories