New Year's Resolutions: Slow Version

Most often, we like the beginning of the year: blank calendars, exciting goals waiting to be achieved, new opportunities. For many of us, 2020 was not the nicest year in history, and therefore, more than ever, we were looking forward to the New Year coming. A moment ago, we happily counted the seconds to “Better 2021”. Today, most of us are starting to work on fulfilling our New Year's resolutions.

At Oakywood, we want your work to be effective and pleasant, and your life - close to nature and full of beauty. We want to support you in achieving your goals, but at the same time encourage you to look for a balance between productivity at work and happiness in life. Check out our ideas on New Year's resolutions in the slow version. Maybe you will like a few of them enough to add them to your New Year's resolutions list?

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