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A sustainable Black Friday: what to buy?

With thousands of Black Friday offers competing for your attention, you can feel compelled to make rash shopping decisions which inadvertently overflow landfills. To avoid drowning in the ocean of sales, keep your cool and don’t get swept up by the waves of discounts. Here is some inspiration for those who wish to improve their home offices, but aren’t exactly sure which accessories are the best fit, or what they should invest in while taking advantage of the low prices.

black standing desk with imac

A comfortable and ergonomic desk

In order to make the best of the 2023 Black Friday, plan your most costly purchases around that time to save the most money. A durable, ergonomic desk which will serve you for years to come is only one example of such investment. Focus on one item you need the most if your budget is limited - thoroughly thinking through your purchase, comparing various offers, and making a fully conscious decision will save you future regret.

When it comes to desks, Oakywood offers an additional level of customisation – the ability to fit the product to your individual needs. We have recently introduced some new functionalities to our 3D configurator: besides choosing measurements, materials, tabletop details, and table legs, you can now organize your cables by adding grommets.

black wooden laptop stand

Monitor and laptop stand

If you already have a solid and comfy desk, equip it with accessories that elevate ergonomics to a whole new level: a sophisticated stand to hold your screen at an appropriate height. Why should you? To avoid a number of painful health conditions such as headaches, neck stiffness, eye strain, and even musculoskeletal disorders. The top edge of your screen should align with your line of sight or be just slightly below it, so that you don’t have to constantly strain your neck to work at your desk.

Our Monitor or Laptop Stands are perfect solutions to this problem: they have been designed to ensure your screen is at an optimal level. Alternatively, you can consider a desk shelf which easily fits 2 big monitors. It also provides you with an additional organizational level as it frees up the space underneath your laptop or screen - space you can use to store smaller items and accessories.

black wireless chargers

A wireless charger or a docking station

If you still use a traditional charger, Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to modernize this aspect of your life. A wireless charger is an absolute game-changer when it comes to charging your devices, but also when it comes to organizing your workspace: it makes tangled cords, damaged cables, and lost chargers a thing of the past - say goodbye to frantically searching for your adapter while your phone starts running out of battery on an important call. Simply place your phone on our foolproof and stylish wooden Slim Charging Pad or Dual Slim Charging Pad to begin charging.

Oakywood’s wide range of charging docks are the best option for devices that aren’t QI compatible. Choose between the GeometricTriple, Combo and Dual docks for the best solution to your needs – one small docking station can even charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, for example your smartphone, your Apple Watch, and your AirPods altogether

black wooden desk organizers 

Stylish desk organizers

Another category of products to invest in this Black Friday are wooden desk organizers. We especially recommend our OakyBlocks series which includes accessories such as different sizes of wooden trays to store your most used items: pens, sticky notes, earbuds, and notebooks, as well as a handy wireless charger and a Smartphone Stand.

The products hide built-in magnets that allow you to connect them at will and create custom organizers. Store your most essential items within arm’s reach without compromising the tidiness of your workspace.

black magsafe chargers

Something for Apple fans - our MagSafe accessories

Oakywood’s MagSafe collection represents not only a revolutionary approach to induction charging, it also means maximal comfort in using your devices in everyday situations. These multifunctional accessories allow you to charge your iPhone or Apple Watch both vertically, as well as horizontally – so you can still participate in a video call, train with an online PT, or follow a makeup tutorial.

Go even further and replace your Apple charger with our MagSafe Puck to use our Stands and Mounts as stylish, magnetic docks – transforming mundane activities like cooking, yoga, doing your self-care routine, or having your morning coffee into delightful rituals.

We hope you find our suggestions helpful and, most importantly, avoid buying something you don’t need. Some of the key values we cultivate here at Oakywood are sustainable development and conscious shopping practices, which is why we encourage you to commit to thoughtful shopping, especially around Black Friday.