Simple, noble, natural

We create unique items - each time special like two different pieces of solid wood

Oakywood is family manufacture located in the mountainous terrain of Podhale, in Ciche, where the traditional woodworking methods are used to create modern technological gadgets. Our nature-inspired accessories are characterized by exceptional quality and the highest precision of workmanship.

Each Oakywood product has been designed to provide a peak functionality and durability and handcrafted by enthusiasts of working with wood.


We love wood and we love nature

That is why from the very beginning of our activity we have been using only ecological materials from responsible sources. We pay special attention to the quality of the raw materials from which our wireless chargers, desk mats, and phone cases are made, and we choose only what will ensure the reliability and durability of Oakywood accessories.

Our basic materials are simple and noble. These include ecological oils, Portuguese cork, merino wool felt, and, above all, solid wood - Polish oak and American walnut.



Our materials come from sustainable sources


American walnut is one of the most renowned types of wood and has a long history of use as a material from which artistic furniture and decorations were created.

Due to its unique appearance - a deep brown, contrasting color, walnut is considered an exclusive material, and items made of it are distinguished by high quality and unique color.


At Oakywood, we mainly use oak from Poland. Hard and damage-resistant wood is a perfect material for our wireless chargers, monitor stands, docking stations and succulent planters.

Naturally light color and visible wood grains make our accessories pleasant to the touch and charming. We carve each special form in oak wood - thanks to which all Oakywood products are original and unique.


Wool felt is one of the oldest textile materials - and merino wool is its noble, high-quality type. Merino wool felt is primarily distinguished by its excellent thermal insulation and soundproof properties. It is durable, easy to clean, and comfortable - that is why the material is highly appreciated by fashion and interior designers.

Merino sheep live in demanding mountain conditions

In the course of evolution, animals have adapted to high-temperature fluctuations, so their unique fleece protects against wind and frost, but also the sun.

The natural merino wool felt is therefore delicate and soft, and at the same time durable. That's why we chose it as the core material for our collection of desk mats and mats.


Thanks to the specific structure of cork oak, this natural material is one of the most ecological raw materials known to man. The outer layer of the bark grows annually and can be removed safely - which is why it is widely used in the industry.

After careful separation and removal of new bark, cork oak naturally regenerates and the outer layer completely grows back. This process can be repeated many times.

Cork is a base layer of Oakywood protective mats and desk pads

Cork is a durable, heat-resistant material with characteristic flexibility and lightness - its cells are mostly filled with air. After appropriate treatment, the cork can be used in the clothing industry, sports, or architecture.