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Monitor & Laptop

Solid wood accessories for iMacs, MacBooks and other laptops and monitors

wooden laptop & monitor accessories by Oakywood
Unique desk accessories made of solid wood. Made to please the eye and satisfy even the most demanding user.


Wooden accessories for laptop and monitor - go for simplicity and minimalism

Wooden accessories for laptop and monitor are the elements that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your work. Adequate workplace equipment is essential. Choose wooden accessories from Oakywood - high quality laptop and monitor stands and a docking station. Wooden monitor and laptop accessories are created with great care by true enthusiasts of working with wood. Oakywood products are a combination of natural materials and modern design. All accessories available in the online store are made by hand from high quality solid wood.

Oakywood desk accessories

The range of wooden accessories for laptop and monitor includes a laptop stand, wooden monitor stand and wooden laptop vertical stand. The laptop stand is made of solid wood. It allows you to raise the laptop by 15 cm, so you do not strain your eyes and neck during long working hours. The laptop stand is equipped with a steel handle that holds the computer in a stable position. The monitor stand raises it by 9 cm to an ergonomic position at eye level. When designing the monitor stand, three wood elements have been connected together to create a simple and elegant design. The raised design allows you to hide small things under the monitor, such as notebook or mouse. The laptop docking station is a modern device that saves desk space. It's universal. Perfect for all notebooks under 2 cm thick.

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