Monitor Stand

Wooden Accessories for Monitors

Do you spend long hours in front of your computer screen? Do you struggle with tonicity, back or neck muscle pain and eye strain? Are you wondering how to eliminate these unpleasant parts of your work? Are you keen on unique accessories that would bring a bit of coziness into a minimalistic office space? If you answered positively to all of these questions, the Oakywood store offers wooden gadgets for monitors that not only improve the work and its comfort but also provide an original decor of your desk.

What you can find in our offer?

A wooden monitor stand is a stylish piece of office equipment that helps to keep the monitor at an ergonomic position at your eye level. Appropriate monitor’s position reduces the fatigue of eyes and neck thanks to which your work efficiency also improves. However, the increased comfort of working at the computer is not the only advantage of our product. Under the stand you can hide all the things you need to work, such as the keyboard, mouse, calculator, notepad and pen so that on the one hand they are ready to be used and on the other hand, everything in your office is perfectly organized. Our stands are made of solid wood and finished with natural oils and waxes, which give the effect of a surface pleasant to touch and expose the wood grains. At the same time, the manufacturing method of the stands makes them strong and durable. A plug is glued to the bottom of the design to prevent scuffing on the desktop or any uncontrolled movements of the monitor.

Wooden monitor accessories handmade with special care for details are a unique solution for all those who work on the computer on a regular basis. Our monitor stand will help you to alleviate and finally eliminate muscle tension pain caused by staying in a wrong position. Moreover, you will also ensure a modern and elegant look of your desk. Create a comfortable, stylish and above all healthy workplace!

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