Laptop Stands

Wooden Accessories for Laptops

Wooden accessories for laptops are not only fully practical gadgets that facilitate organization on your desk and everyday work on the computer. Apart from that they are also extremely stylish and unique products!

When our work duties require a computer that can be used both in and out of the office, a laptop is the obvious choice. Unfortunately, when working with a laptop simply placed on a desk, it's hard to maintain a proper body position. Our wooden laptop stands equipped with special metal holders allow you to place the device safely at your eye level. Such a wooden laptop gadget doesn’t require much space, and apart from that you can hide various office accessories underneath it, it also helps you to take care of tidiness on your desk. Laptop stands on our offer are an ideal idea for a gift.

Laptop docking stations

The wooden laptop docking station is a small and elegant gadget that saves space on your desk. The model on our offer will be suitable for all notebooks which are less than 2 cm thick.  The design made of two solid pieces of wood connected by a stainless steel base and inspired by geometric shapes captivates with its beauty and uniqueness. Contrary to popular plastic or metal stands, our wooden docking stations are a real decoration of your desk. Meticulously chosen details and practical form of our gadgets definitely distinguish them from similar products on the market. Inside the docking station there are hidden felt straps, which ensure a stable position of the laptop, prevent it from any scratches and take care of its proper ventilation. Thanks to the convenient design, you can dock your laptop using only one hand.

Our wooden laptop accessories serve as multifunctional office gadgets which enable you not only keeping your devices in a fashionable and modern way but also protect them from some incidental damages that could occur while cleaning your work site or dealing with a pile of papers on your desk. Moreover, they are a perfect combination of minimalistic decorative elements and a modern design.

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