iPhone X/Xs Accessories

Wooden accessories for iPhone X / XS

iPhone X is undoubtedly popular among lovers of technology. Purchasing it right after it was launched on the market was almost beyond the bounds of possibility as the interest in this model significantly exceeded the manufacturing capabilities of the brand. This model was immediately loved by almost everyone and now it’s one of the most expensive mass-produced smartphones. If you are a proud user of this device, check out what wooden accessories for iPhone X are worth buying!

Cases and charging docks for your iPhone X / XS

Although iPhone X is functional, intriguing and not so cheap, it definitely isn’t the most resistant smartphone ever made. Indeed, it’s a very expensive and delicate device, therefore you need to protect it with appropriate accessories. A wooden case is a sufficient protection and a stylish decoration of the phone at the same time. Our cases are crafted from real wood, hand polished to attain a natural wood shine and attached to a sturdy polycarbonate chassis. These products will provide great protection and make a fantastic impression on all lovers of decent design. 

It needs to be mentioned that iPhone X is one of the first Apple devices that offered inductive wireless charging based on Qi technology. However, the manufacturer doesn’t provide this type of charger with the phone and it has to be bought separately. In this category of our products you will find wireless chargers suitable for iPhone X as well as charging docks that can be used for charging various Apple devices and that will work seamlessly with your smartphone. Wooden chargers don't just look amazing, they also ensure the full charging power of your iPhone X.