iPhone 8/8+ Accessories

Wooden accessories for iPhone 8 / 8+

iPhone 8 is a smartphone of the latest generation with a brand new glass chassis, the most powerful and smart processor in the history of mobile devices and a brilliant 12 megapixel camera with OIS and 4K video recording. iPhone 8 supports augmented reality apps and games. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to charge it wirelessly. It's a top-of-the-line device that requires equally polished accessories which are available in the Oakywood online store! On our offer you will find top quality wooden accessories for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ such as cases that protect the device against mechanical damage and expose its unique design as well as stylish chargers that perfectly match these phone models. Pick the most useful and appealing wooden accessories for your Apple phone!

Cases and charging docks for iPhone 8 / 8+

A suitable case is probably the first gadget that should be acquired after the purchase of iPhone 8 or iPhone 8+. The phone case will prevent you from many possible nerves or expenses caused by a fall or other damage to your mobile device. This simple element can also effectively emphasize the style of the owner. Real wood cases ensure safety of your smartphone and constitute an unconventional accessory that successfully draws people’s attention. 

The wireless charging system on iPhone 8 and 8+ works with Qi chargers. However, a suitable wireless charging pad isn’t provided by the manufacturer and it needs to be bought separately. In this category of our products you will find wireless chargers compatible with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ as well as charging docks that can be used for different Apple devices. Using our products ensures not only the proper functioning of your iPhone with the gadgets but also a unique and modern decoration of the desk!