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Elevate her self care and wellbeing.

Exceptional gifts for women from Oakywood.

She lives in the fast pace of big cities or in a small, quaint town, surrounded by nature. She’s a mother, wife, girlfriend, aunt, single, friend, coworker, woman. She works hard and tries to take good care of everybody around her. She’s empathetic and wise, she’s fragile and strong. She deserves unique gifts that suit her needs and make her day-to-day reality more enjoyable. 

What's the ultimate gift for her? 

Unlock a world of Oakywood gift ideas curated just for her.

She is stylish and chic

Oakywood's wooden accessories offer more than just products – they provide an experience that aligns with the modern girl’s need for style. In the realm of thoughtful gifts for women, our meticulously designed collections embody the idea of quality craftsmanship, merging functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

She needs comfort and ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics in today's world can’t be overstated, especially when you work at a home office. Elevate her workspace with adjustable ergonomic desk, wooden stands, and docks, promoting good posture and a healthier work routine. With a focus on well-being and work-life balance, these handcrafted products are not just items but statements of comfort and ergonomics, which makes them the best gift for your wife or girlfriend.

She is perfectly organized

Well-organized workspace is the first step to success: it improves productivity and efficiency, allowing her to focus on tasks. Oakywood’s wooden desk organizers not only help maintain a clutter-free environment but also add a touch of sophistication to her desk setup. The thoughtful design ensures that every item has its place.

She wants to be in touch

She needs her phone at hand, always fully charged. Business calls, parental control, social media, texting with friends, video chats with elderly parents – this ringing device is essential to stay in touch and up to date. Make it easier by giving her a perfect tech gift for women: a wooden wireless charger or charging dock, that will not only simplify her charging routines but also contribute to home and office organization.


Triple Dock (USB-A)

From $90.00From $67.50

Dual Dock (USB-A)

From $80.00From $60.00

Combo Dock (USB-A)

From $70.00From $52.50

Combo Dock

From $70.00

Triple Dock

From $90.00

Dual Dock

From $80.00

She strikes a balance

The pursuit of work-life balance is crucial for every conscious woman. And it’s not only about setting boundaries between professional and private life but also about making daily duties and routines more pleasurable. Thanks to Oakywood’s MagSafe accessories, she will truly enjoy her beauty routine, cooking, workout or yoga practice, and video conferencing. A multifunctional iPhone Stand or Wall Mount stands out as the most exquisite and thoughtful gift for women.