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Perfect balance on holiday: how (and where) to successfully combine work and leisure?

Even though the summer months mainly bring to mind vacations, not everyone is able to take time off for holiday. If you’re spending your whole summer accompanied by your work laptop, you might want to consider a workation: a combination of work and vacation. Where to go on a workation and how to plan your stay to achieve the coveted work-life balance? Today we will answer those questions.

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Picking the place – what to look out for?

Before you start searching for your dream workation location, think about what you need and, above all, where do you want to go. Surf the waves by the seaside or hike woody mountains? Connect with nature somewhere rural or enjoy a busy city break? Think about how far you want to go and what type of activities you prefer: is it sightseeing, partying, or resting and relaxing surrounded by nature?

Once you decide on your destination and start looking for accommodation, pay attention to the furniture – to work remotely, you need at least a table and a chair with a backrest. You can, of course, work at the local coffeeshop or coworking space (if you can find those), but it is always good to have a choice.

Another important factor to consider when taking your work on holiday is access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi. For extra peace of mind, take your own mobile router but make sure your network can be reached from the place you are visiting.

If you’re planning a longer stay, be sure to check out other aspects that could impact your workation: the building’s location (is it in a busy and noisy city center or a calm neighborhood?), amenities (is there a kitchen where you can make your own meals, is it all-inclusive, and do you have access to appliances such as a washing machine or a hairdryer?), and the proximity to tourist attractions, hiking trails, restaurants, coffeeshops, and cultural landmarks.

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Oakywood recommends – perfect places to work and relax

Have a look at our recommendations if you’re searching for locations that are excellent for both work and leisure. These places are, above all, aligned with our core values. They are also equipped with some Oakywood products which you can use throughout your stay!

  • Zacisze – a charming, century-old and recently renovated house surrounded by a picturesque garden and breathtaking views. Even though the small town of Brzoskwinia (Peach) is located near Kraków (why not plan a daytrip to this historic city?), it offers peace, tranquility, and an abundance of fresh air. And when it’s time to work, you can use our Laptop Stands and Docks. 
  • Sadłóżek - designer cabins in the Kuyavia region, by a lake in the middle of the woods. Their modern and chic interior design coexists harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscape. Here you will find our Laptop Stand, Dual Slim Charging Pad, and a MagSafe iPhone Stand
  • Tatry Zachodnie (Western Tatras) - two unique and modern ‘barnlike’ cabins in Witów, Podhale, right at the feet of the Tatra Mountains. Our Oakywood team has been lucky enough to spend a few wonderful days there during a corporate retreat so we can confidently recommend it. Interestingly, Witów is located very close to Ciche, the town where our workshop is located. The homes are minimalistic in their décor, yet pay tasteful homage to the traditional Tatra spirit. Our Laptop Stand, selected OakyBlocks elements, and the MagSafe iPhone Stand are all available there. 
  • Into The Las – a pair of small, peculiar cabins: Sosnowy (Pine) and Łąkowy (Meadow) are made of … shipping containers. A perfect destination for those who are truly committed to the zero-waste ideology and want to escape the roar of the city. The houses are located in a small village of Sojczynek near the Biebrza National Park, amongst the wistful meadows and a calm bayou. While you’re there you can use our Laptop Stand and MagSafe Wall Mount
  • Pospokój - a minimalistic and modern house in Masuria, right by the lake. It was designed and built with sustainability in mind: using natural materials from local suppliers. Apart from the stunning nature outside, you can admire a collection of paintings created by Alicja Grążawska. 
  • Casita de Arrebol – an ideal location for those who seek refuge from crowds of people: a house in the desert, in the valley of Rio Chama in New Mexico. Made from natural materials and designed according to the regional style, the house is comfortable and cozy. Apart from handmade furniture, you will find our Laptop Stand, MagSafe iPhone Stand, Apple Watch Dock, Wireless Charging Pad, and Catchall Trays available to use on site.

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Photo by Anastasia Nelen on Unsplash

How to make the most out of your workation?

Flexible work hours allow you to truly lean into the life of a digital nomad and make the most out of your stay. You should definitely plan ahead, especially if your destination is a popular tourist spot with a lot to do. Make a list of the places you’d like to visit: the museums, landmarks, and local attractions, then take note of their opening hours to create your workation itinerary. It would also be wise to allocate some time for work 😉 Try to find out when in the day your productivity peaks – schedule your toughest work tasks for that time and enjoy the rest of your day in your remote gateway.

If your destination is a deep wilderness and your goals are to connect with nature and find life balance, avoid making any rigorous plans. Try to match the natural rhythm of your surroundings, spend as much time as you can breathing the fresh air and taking in the incredible views.