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How to clean Your wooden phone case and smartphone Amidst COVID-19

With all of the fears surrounding the Coronavirus in today’s world, keeping all of our personal belongings as clean as possible is of the utmost importance. Something as simple as touching a door handle, checkout kiosk, or setting our phone on the counter at a store could easily pick up and transmit nasty viruses and bacteria to our skin and face unknowingly. Today, Oakywood would like to take a few moments to discuss the best ways to clean your wooden phone case – and clean your smartphone – to ensure you stay safe, healthy, and clean during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Wooden Cases Require Special Care

Unlike plastic phone cases, wooden phone cases require extra special attention when it comes to cleaning and care.  The most delicate of phone cases, they should never be submerged in water or even have cleaning product applied directly to them. The best way to care for your phone case varies depending upon the type of case material, but today, we are speaking specifically about wooden phone cases. 

It doesn’t really matter if you have a wooden iPhone case, iPhone 11 case, iPhone X case, or even an Android phone case – if you have a wooden phone cover, this cleaning method works for any of them. Ensuring to clean your case frequently will not only keep you safe, but it will extend the length and longevity of your device and your wooden phone case.

how to clean wooden phone case

How to clean wooden phone case

How to Clean Wooden Phone Cases

First, remove the case from the phone entirely. Second, swipe a soft microfiber cloth over the outside and inside of the phone, removing any loose dust, dirt, and debris. Using another clean microfiber cloth, go over the phone inside and out one more time. Microfiber is the best material to use on your wooden phone case due to the fact that it easily absorbs dirt and oils, and does not cause any harsh scratches or abrasiveness to the case. 

If you find there are sticky or dirty spots that are unable to be effectively cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth, try dampening the microfiber cloth a small bit and work at those spots. If that doesn’t do the trick as effectively as you wanted and the grime is still stubbornly stuck on, add a few drops of white vinegar to the water on the microfiber, ensuring there isn’t an abundance of moisture, and work at the spots until gone. As a bonus tip: vinegar has antimicrobial properties, and may help to kill some of the bacteria on the phone case’s surface.

The inner portion of the phone case – made of polycarbonate – can be cleaned with disinfectant products, such as disinfecting wipes, which are now recommended as safe for use on phone surfaces themselves – or, you can use alcohol based cleaner on the interior of the phone case as well. 

Please ensure you are handling your phone with clean hands at all times, and never set your phone down on common surfaces – especially now during the Coronavirus outbreak.


how to clean your phone caseHow to clean phone case

Cleaning Your Phone

In addition to cleaning your phone case, we wanted to note how important it is to disinfect your phone itself. Old recommendations said that disinfectant wipes were too abrasive to be used on phones, but new data suggest the benefits far outweigh the negative implications use of wipes may have on your phone. Be sure to use disinfecting wipes, and stay away from harsh countertop sprays, window cleaner, and alcohol pads as they are extremely abrasive and damaging to your phone. 

Always apply the cleaner and then buff out the residue with a microfiber cloth or a phone screen cleaning cloth that comes with your phone. Allow to fully dry, and then buff out smudges and excess cleaner. Reapply phone case. 

It’s recommended to complete the cleaning process at least a few times per week, especially right now or as often as you can think to. 

With plenty of common sense, good handwashing, and good hygiene, we can all help to stop the Coronavirus spread, stay safe, and prolong the life of our beautiful wooden phone cases and personal devices for a long time to come.

how to clean your phone

How to clean your phone