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Laptop Dock and Laptop Stand: what’s new?

Every now and then, even the iconic favorites need to be refreshed and perfected. At Oakywood, we make sure our accessories are tailored to our clients’ needs – hence, apart from coming up with new solutions, we regularly analyze our existing products and their usability in the context of the ever-changing technology. We have recently introduced some changes in the design of our Laptop Docks and Stands to make them even more functional and comfortable to use.

wooden laptop stand

A Laptop Stand adjusted to the MacBook’s new dimensions

The Laptop Stand is one of our bestsellers: a simple wooden stand that helps you ergonomically and comfortably use your laptop at the appropriate height, saving your neck from straining while leaning forwards. Through this, you decrease the risk of developing a variety of health issues such as problems with your neck, headaches, and spine disorders. In addition, the elevated construction provides you with extra desk space – a place to keep your most needed items on hand. The steel grip firmly holds your device in place, preventing it from falling off the wooden stand.

We have also decided to address the diverse needs of our user base by adapting the dimensions of the Laptop Stand to accommodate the new 13’’ and 14’’ MacBook dimensions. Of course, the original version for the 15’’ and 16” laptops remains available. This small change improves the experience of using your device while optimizing your workspace, especially when you work from a smaller desk.

wooden laptop dock

The Laptop Dock – changes in design and additional functionalities

As for the Laptop Dock, we have introduced some significant changes to both the single and dual versions so they can now fit almost any laptop. The first improvement is the way of adjusting the laptop holder’s width. Up until now, you could regulate the slot by adding felt strips; from now on, you can do it with some screws and the hex key included in the set. This ensures increased precision and the possibility of docking devices of varying thickness: from 3 to 34 mm in the case of the Laptop Dock, and from 6 to 24 mm in the Dual Laptop Dock.

We have also changed the material with which the wooden elements are connected: where we have previously used stainless steel, we now use milled aluminum, finished with black textured paint. Solid aluminum has been slowly making its way into our accessories: it is lighter, more elastic, and easier to work with, while maintaining the desired sturdiness and durability.

Because of the changes we made in the width regulation system, we have also added flock cushioning to the inside floor so that your laptop or tablet has a ‘soft landing’. The flocked fabric is very pleasant to the touch, soft, yet strong and resistant to wear and tear.

regulated wooden laptop stand

We are certain that the updates we introduced in our bestselling accessories will let you use your laptops and tablets more comfortably, while keeping your workspace clean and organized. If you have any suggestions regarding our products, or any office needs we can address by coming up with new solutions – we’re waiting for your message!