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Conscious Consumerism & Black Friday

Black Friday is an American tradition of shopping madness, dating back to the mid-twentieth century. It was then that popular stores and department stores began sponsoring Thanksgiving parades - thereby promoting their products before Christmas. Nowadays, Black Friday has become a true shopping holiday, celebrated on all continents of the world for several days.

According to Adobe Analytics, the period between November 21-26 is the most intense 5 days in year for all businesses. Although environmental organizations warn against the quick fashion trend and encourage thoughtful shopping in the spirit of less waste philosophy, every year we spend more and more money in stores. In 2018, between November 1 and December 31, solely in the United States customers have purchased items for $ 126 billion. A year later, that number grew to 143 billion. How much are we going to spend this year?

Black Friday and ecology