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Wireless Chargers Black Friday

Wireless Chargers Black Friday

Are you looking for Wireless Chargers? Check out Wireless Charging Pad i... Are you looking for Wireless Chargers? Check out Wireless Charging Pad iPhone, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi! Your search ends here!
In today's fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are paramount, and that's precisely what our Wireless Charging Pad, Charging Dock, and other accessories offer. Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cables and the search for compatible chargers. With our wireless chargers made from responsibly sourced wood, you can effortlessly power up your devices by simply placing them on our charging pads or docks.

Our Black Friday 2023 sale is the ultimate destination for unbeatable deals and innovations in wireless charging technology.
Whether you're a devoted Apple enthusiast or a dedicated Samsung user, our range of wooden chargers is designed to cater to all your charging needs. From sleek charging pads that blend seamlessly with your decor to versatile charging stands, such as 2in1 Headphones Stand, that offer multiple device support, we've got it all.
Wireless Charging isn't just about convenience – it's about staying connected, productive, and ready for whatever life throws your way. With our wireless chargers, you can keep your devices topped up and ready to go.

OakyBlocks — everything you need to organize a desk

OakyBlocks are functional wooden organizers with built-in magnets which help you reinvent and optimize your workspace. Simply place and combine, detach and move OakyBlocks at will to regain control over your desk.


Home office Essentials - Workspace optimization

Good home office organization is essential to achieving peak productivity levels. Conveniently, Oakywood boasts a whole range of accessories to help you organize your home office and make work more comfortable.

Home Office Essentials

Everything for your Macbook — stands, cases, sleeves and more

With MacBook users in mind, we created a range of Apple compatible accessories to make using your devices more comfortable, and to improve office organization and ergonomics.

Macbook accessories

Wooden desks — Work comfort revolution

Oakywood’s desks elevate the quality of your home office setup. Functional design, fine materials, and meticulous craftsmanship are only some of its strengths. Choose your desk in a classic version or with height regulation and tailor it to your needs in our configuration tool.

Wooden desks
oak Dual Slim Charging Pad | ,

iPhone — Cohesion with Apple design

At Oakywood, we appreciate the sleekness of Apple design. With iPhone users in mind, we created stylish wooden accessories to help you store and charge your phone while optimizing your desk space.

iPhone accessories