Wooden Headphone Stands

Wooden headphone stands

If you like listening to music while working and you frequently use headphones at your desk, our wooden headphone stands for organizing audio equipment will certainly be useful to you. Oakywood headphone hangers are functional gadgets made of solid wood - designed to optimize your workplace.
Oakywood headphones hangers are distinguished by an original, thoughtful construction and a unique design inspired by geometric shapes. All of our wooden headphone stands are handcrafted from solid walnut or oak wood and steel. Each Oakywood headphone stand is crafted by hand and then coated with natural oils.
Wooden headphone stands

Headphone hangers - design from the mountains

Oakywood headphones hangers are technological accessories designed in Poland and manufactured in a mountainous region of Podhale. Distinguished by a unique design and exceptional durability, wooden headphone stands are made of solid wood and black, painted steel. We use ecological materials. Our certified wood - oak and walnut - are among the most durable types of wood that can be used for the production of desk accessories.
At Oakywood, we believe that a good workplace organization is half the battle. That is why we strive to produce functional and beautiful items that enable comfortable work at the computer. Our wooden headphone stands are an elegant and original gadget that combines an ecological approach with high technological awareness.
Wooden headphone stands

Oakywood Wooden Headphone Stands

In Oakywood offer, you will find two types of premium quality wooden headphone hangers:
• headphone stands
• headphone stands with QI charger
    Wooden headphone stands are made of solid wood and black painted steel. Each of our wooden headphone hangers is handcrafted and hand polished with natural oils - to emphasize the natural beauty of wood. Our original wooden headphone stand is distinguished by an interesting, geometric shape, functionality and well-thought design, invented by true enthusiasts of working with wood.
    Headphone stand with QI charger is a modern device of our design that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. The stand with the charger is a unique, functional 2-in-1 product - at the same time made of high-quality solid wood and stainless steel, and inspired by minimalistic geometric lines.
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