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How to work ergonomically without much space

We are sure that no one here needs any convincing that a well designed and expertly arranged home office is of huge importance in work and in life. However, not everyone has the ability to make their office look like an inspirational instagram post - they simply don’t have the space. Sometimes we must make do with a tiny desk pushed into a tight corner of the living room, or convert the kitchen table into a temporary office every weekday. This doesn’t mean you should abandon remote work altogether, as with a little bit of creativity, you can set up an ergonomic workspace almost anywhere.

small desk setup

Personalize! Order a custom-sized desk

If your square footage doesn’t allow for creating a separate workspace, and if getting a standard size desk means you have to sacrifice space for a comfy sofa or a wardrobe (let’s not forget that it’s not just an ‘office’, it is also a ‘home’), you should consider a small, bespoke desk that’s made to measure. Our Classic Desk is the perfect solution - a minimalist wooden desk that can be quickly and easily configured to precisely fit space available to you.

Because of its simple, yet sophisticated design, the Classic Desk fits into a wide variety of interior   styles. By using our 3D configurator, you can customize the width and length of the tabletop down to the centimeter, but also choose its color, material, and the shape of its edges. Avoid a cluttered look by adding some grommets and an under desk organizer for hiding all unsightly cords and cables. This will seamlessly integrate the desk into its surroundings and you won’t even notice you’ve added a piece of office equipment into your living room.

small kitchen office set

Kitchen office

„A small desk in the living room - luxury! We used to have to do our spreadsheets at the kitchen table, fighting for every scrap of space with the 7 empty cups of coffee, and last night’s takeaway!” - to paraphrase the cult Monty Python sketch. But is the kitchen table really such a horrible place to work from? Of course not. All you need are a few adjustments to turn your kitchen into a comfortable and ergonomic home office for a few hours every day.

Start with a good chair. This does not have to be a classic office chair which stands out like a sore thumb amongst non-office furniture - find a regular, sturdy chair that fits your space and provides your spine with the right support.

Another thing to consider is access to power outlets: make sure you’re able to charge your laptop right where you work, and not in some distant socket in your bedroom. If you think there are too few outlets around, get a surge protected extension lead.

A correctly lit workspace is a must in any home office. Whether you have a separate kitchen with a window or a kitchenette with poor access to natural light, an additional lamp can make all the difference - make sure it matches your aesthetic so it can also pleasantly illuminate your after-work rituals.

monitor shelf walnut

But first, organize

Tiny spaces require you to pay more attention to keeping your surroundings nice and tidy, especially when your home becomes an office several times a week. To elevate and structure the area, place a laptop stand  or a small shelf on top of your desk (you can calibrate the size of the Desk Shelf to fit your worktop perfectly), and it will also ensure your screen is at an optimal level.

When it comes to mobile, makeshift offices, a variety of organizers is a must to keep your most needed belongings within arm’s reach but also to efficiently pack up your work at the end of the day and free up your dining table with ease. Everything you might need to organize your small workspace you can find in our​​​​​​​ OakyBlocks collection. And to save even more space, try using a Laptop Dock to safely store your device vertically.

Speaking of vertical surfaces - utilize your walls! Hanging cabinets or shelves are a fantastic solution for small spaces. Pro tip: if you want your room to appear bigger, pick cabinets in the same color as the walls. Both walls and shelves can be fitted with our MagSafe accessories: the​​​​​​​ Wall Mount and the​​​​​​​ Desk Shelf Mount. With them, you can always have an eye on your phone and rest assured it will be in its designated spot, charged and ready to use whenever you need.

Although achieving a satisfactory level of ergonomics, comfort, and work-life balance in a small home office may seem like an enormous challenge, it is not impossible. The most important thing to remember is that the space should fit you, not the other way round.