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Mid-century plant stand
Mid-century plant stand
Mid-century plant stand
Mid-century plant stand
Mid-century plant stand

Mid-century plant stand

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If you’ve been looking for that perfect wooden plant stand to complete any room or office space, look no further than this mid-century retro plant stand made from handcrafted solid oak wood. Its sleek, stylish design adds a retro yet contemporary style to any space, and while offering plenty of design, it’s beautifully understated and offers so much, without being overdone. Looks stunning with any plant, of any color, with any pot color to boot.


Each plant stand is crafted with straight lines built into the design for that true mid-century look, with eco-friendly oils and waxes applied to give each piece a beautifully natural sheen. One important thing to note is, as Oakywood wooden accessories age, they get ever more beautiful. This item is easy to care or by simply wiping down with a microfiber cloth to remove dust, and if necessary, a damp cloth may be used to get spills or other messes off of the wood.
wooden mid century planter


• Height: 38 cm ~ (15")
• Support thickness: 3 cm ~ (1.2")
• Pot lifted at: 10cm or 25cm if upside-down

There are a variety of sizes to choose from:
8 inches (20cm) up to 8 inches (20cm)  width(diameter) pots

9 inches (22,5cm) up to 9 inches (22,5cm)  width(diameter) pots
10 inches (25cm) up to 10 inches (25cm) width(diameter) pots

11 inches (28cm) up to 11 inches (28cm) width(diameter) pots
12 inches (30cm) up to 12 inches (30cm) width(diameter) pots

14 inches (35cm) up to 14 inches (35cm) width(diameter) pots

Carefully check your pot diameter, we always add around 0.5 cm spare space so you can fit the pot easily.


• Wood is a natural material, thus each table may slightly vary in color and wood grain.
• The item has been handmade in solid Oak wood
• Handmade in Poland, EU
• Pot is not included