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Year-end motivation and productivity in the Oakywood Team

Year-end motivation and productivity in the Oakywood Team

Returning to work after a long break can be difficult. How is our team doing in this strange period between Christmas and New Year's Eve? Who keeps repeating "any to Friday" and who was the most eager to return to work? Take a look at our blog entry, join our December warm-up, and collect some inspiration for the upcoming marathon of fulfilling New Year's resolutions.

How do you feel: demotivated and lazy or excited and full of energy?

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Tymek, Performance Marketing Specialist: I am new to the Oakywood team. Currently, I am transitioning from a hybrid model to fully remote work - and obviously, it requires reorganizing my home office. I rearrange my desk and test all our products, which is very exciting.

Where are you working from now?

team member statement

team member statement

Are there any "game-changing" rituals or items that make your work easier right now?

Karolina: A Christmas playlist and lots of tea with ginger, cinnamon, and lemon.

Julia: Certainly keeping a separate, paper calendar for work. December is one of the busiest months, so I always buy a new bullet journal before the end of the year. Whenever I have a free moment, I search for new stationery, organize and improve my home office. I will be working on a couple of larger projects in the next few months, so I want my workplace to be comfortable, enjoyable, and neat.

Year-end motivation and productivity in the Oakywood Team

What is your favorite work organization method, which always boosts your efficiency?

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 Tymek: For me, the best method is a dream goal visible on the horizon. When my aim is defined and attainable, the more difficult moments feel like more or less favorable conditions on my way to achieving the goal.

External or internal motivation - which one works better in your case?

Mateusz: I would say the combination of both. I try to impose a strict regime on myself: enter tasks into my calendar, and visualize how I would feel if I did not complete them. The external one is the willingness to complete tasks related to my co-workers - I don't want anyone to wait for me.

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Julia: Both of them! At Oakywood, I am responsible for e-mail marketing, copywriting, and I co-create a marketing strategy. I try to ensure that the content I deliver is in line with my values ​​and standards, but the final test is always the reactions of our followers/clients.

Tymek: It's probably a question about the essence of the personality of each of us... I'm not a fan of deadlines. When I know I only have a few hours to finish the task, the quality of work usually goes down. That's why I sometimes choose to hear some bitter words from colleagues who are angry at my delay - whenever it enables me to feel I delivered my task in the best possible quality. I guess that means I prefer internal motivation.

Do you have any secret advice that you want to share now?

Angelika: If you feel lazy - try Pomodoro. If you need to rest - rest.

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Mateusz: I recommend Kevin Kruse's books, Pomodoro, Bullet Journal, and daily physical activity!