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Handy accessories that make your work easier

Handy accessories that make your work easier

Working in a tidy and organized area makes it much easier to stay motivated and focused on your work. This is why it’s so important to arrange your workspace in a way that promotes these conditions and puts you in a good mood. Here are some seemingly unassuming items to significantly improve your office setup and maybe even your life. ;)

Control the little things

The main culprit behind desktop mess is usually the assortment of small items that don’t have a permanent resting place. Harmless at first, they accumulate at immense speed and soon try to take control over your office space. To keep them at bay and avoid distracting clutter on your desk, you can put all pens, paperclips, and cables into practical organizers.

OakyBlocks is a series of small wooden organizers designed with office clutter in mind. Thanks to the built-in magnets, you can assemble modules at will and create your own personalized set which keeps your most needed accessories easily accessible. The series includes minimalist trays, specialized pen and sticky notes holders, a convenient wireless charger, and a phone stand.

Keep track of your phone

Think about where you usually place your phone after finishing a call, sending a text, or checking Instagram? If your phone doesn’t have its designated safe space, it might be time to change that. Instead of putting your device on top of a pile of documents or on the edge of the desk between your laptop and coffee cup, rest it on a wireless charger or in a charging dock. Thanks to these nifty accessories, you can keep your phone within arm’s reach, secure and fully charged at all times.

Work ergonomically on your laptop

A laptop is not the best device to work on long term – it was intended for temporary use, for example while travelling or during work meetings. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work on one comfortably and ergonomically, even when it’s your main (or only) work tool. A laptop stand is an easy way to put the screen at optimal height – all you need is an external keyboard, and your ergonomic setup is complete. Additionally, the newly freed up space underneath your laptop can hold your notebook, AirPods, or a paperclip tray.

In case your desk doesn’t have enough space or if you use a desktop computer (or two laptops), a vertical laptop stand can come in incredibly handy. It will help you safely store the device you’re not currently using while taking up less space than having it on your desk horizontally.

Add something green

Though they are not essential to your work, decorative accessories make a huge difference to your workspace. Plants are a great idea to introduce some calming green tones to your office and give your tired eyes something beautiful to rest on. You don’t need a whole garden or a leafy monstera, a small pot with a simple succulent is enough to bring you a little closer to nature.