Work from Home Desk Accessories

Desk organization: wood, felt and cork

Let us introduce our top picks of work from home essentials! The collection of Oakywood desk accessories was created to spur creativity, ensure comfort, and improve the efficiency of work. Surround yourself with natural, top-quality materials, and discover work from home best practices to increase your satisfaction.

work from home desk accessories

Oakywood is an original woodworking company that uses traditional manufacturing techniques to provide premium quality, handcrafted desk accessories. A family workshop uses thoroughly chosen, ecological materials: walnut and oak wood, merino wool felt, and Portuguese cork. Thanks to the choice of materials meeting the strictest quality standards, in our online store you will find a wide range of charming and smart technological gadgets, carefully designed to enable comfortable and productive work from home: soft desk mats and pads, laptop stands, iPhone docks, wireless chargers, audio accessories, and even planters and pots!

Work from Home Desk: smart ways to structure your workspace

 wooden desk accessories

One of the coolest hacks to enhance the work surface even in the most confined space (or on a temporary desk) is to structure it with a monitor stand, or a laptop stand. Using these two flagship Oakywood products you will raise your device 3.6 up to 6 inches, additionally providing an ergonomic position of an eye level.

Using wooden gadgets dedicated to particular devices, such as headphone stands, docking stations or geometric pen pots you will smartly display your favorite items and save an extra workspace.

Work from home essentials to make your work effective and satisfying

Work from home essentials includes not only wooden accessories for better organization but also everything pleasant to make you smile during a stressful time at work. Felt and cork desk mats are a perfect choice to make your work more comfortable and enjoyable. Oakywood protective pads are distinguished primarily by the use of soft merino wool felt, 100 OEKO-TEX® certified, and a durable biodegradable cork, which makes a natural non-slip base.

Desk Organization Wood

By introducing a touch of nature into your home office, you will make your workplace happy and reflective of your personality. Warm up your work environment and check out our handcrafted, designer desk accessories for office which will transition your room into a fabulous and friendly workspace.