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Your space, your story: Mai N

Your space, your story: Mai N

Let’s step into the creative world of Mai N @yellomai, an influencer, interior designer, and entrepreneur. Her space is filled with vibrant colors, patterns, and stylishly designed pieces. She has proven that our Laptop Stand works perfectly even without a desk, and accessories such as the Charging Pad or Large Tray can seamlessly fit on the bedside table. Join us in exploring the intersection of aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability in design.

interior design macbook stand

Can you share your journey and inspiration behind designing a visually appealing and functional interior?

Designing started for me with clothing. As I got older, I naturally expanded into interior design. As an adult, cultivating a personalized home became an important interest, driving me to incorporate design into various aspects of my life.

My visual arts journey began in middle school, capturing my perspective despite not being camera-savvy. Now, with a photographer partner, I'm delving deeper into visual arts, embracing the learning curve. Excited to share more of this creative journey!

Certainly, my style has evolved significantly over the years. In both my clothing and home design, I've introduced more colors compared to the past. I love fine lines but now enjoy experimenting with various shapes and textures. However, my commitment to maintaining a cozy, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere remains uwavering.

My journey in designing a visually appealing and functional interior began with a passion for creating spaces that reflect both aesthetics and utility. Inspiration often stems from nature, art, and diverse cultures, blending these elements to craft unique and inviting environments.

When curating a space, what elements do you consider essential for creating a perfect and harmonious environment?

Essential elements for a perfect and harmonious environment include proper lighting, thoughtful furniture arrangement, a mix of textures, and a balance between minimalism and personal touches. Creating a cohesive color palette also plays a crucial role.

wooden macbook accessories

Do you have any tips for individuals looking to enhance their home or office design without undergoing a major renovation?

To enhance home or office design without major renovations, focus on strategic decor updates. Introduce statement pieces, rearrange furniture for better flow, experiment with lighting, and incorporate versatile storage solutions to declutter and optimize space.

Optimizing space for me means finding creative ways to maximize functionality while maintaining aesthetics. My game changer was investing in multifunctional furniture and storage solutions. What works best for me is having a clutter-free workspace with ample natural light and personalized touches that inspire creativity.

What does comfort mean to you – not only in interior design but also in other aspects of life?

Comfort, in design and life, is about cultivating an atmosphere that nurtures well-being. Soft textures, ergonomic furniture, and a warm color palette contribute to physical comfort, while a balance between work and personal life fosters mental comfort.

In your perspective, does space have a gender? Are there any elements or themes you include into your designs to create a space that feels feminine?

In my view, space itself doesn’t inherently possess a gender; however, certain elements and details can evoke a sense of femininity in a design. In my home, I often incorporate candles and flowers, introduce soft textures, and add vibrant colors like yellow to instill a sense of warmth and playfulness. It’s worth noting that these design choices are not exclusive to any gender; rather, they aim to create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

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As a female entrepreneur, what challenges have you faced in the industry, and how have you overcome them?

As a female entrepreneur, I've faced challenges related to industry stereotypes and access to resources. Overcoming them involved building a strong network, continuous learning, and proving competence through successful projects.

What is your favorite Oakywood product, and how does it complement your design aesthetic?

My favorite Oakywood product is the Walnut Wood MacBook Stand. Its sleek design and natural materials seamlessly complement my aesthetic, providing a functional and stylish addition to my workspace (aka my bedroom haha).

In your online shop, you sell eco-friendly and responsibly sourced products. How do you perceive environmental consciousness, especially in reference to interior design?

Environmental consciousness in interior design is vital. In our online shop, we prioritize eco-friendly and responsibly sourced products, promoting sustainability. It involves selecting materials with a minimal environmental footprint and educating customers about conscious consumption choices.