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Your space, your story: Francesca and Tommaso

Your space, your story: Francesca and Tommaso

From their early days of sharing weekend adventures on Instagram to becoming globetrotters, Francesca and Tommaso have built a thriving online community by capturing the romance and magic of each destination they visit. During our conversation, this dynamic duo of Italian travellers and content creators shared insights into their favourite places around the world, the meticulous process behind planning their travels, and the challenges of balancing constant travel with maintaining a comfortable home base. Let’s delve into their fascinating journey.

Could you share a bit about your history? When did you start traveling together? How many countries have you visited?

Our journey as travel content creators began several years ago, sharing weekend trips in Italy on Instagram. Initially, we focused on inspiring aspiring travelers and enthusiasts of magical, beautiful places, aiming to capture the romance of each destination. Our community started growing immediately but saw a significant boost with the advent of Instagram reels. Since 2015, we’ve explored over 40 countries together, immersing ourselves in diverse cultures and landscapes. Traveling is not just a passion; it's a way of life that we love sharing with our followers.

What’s your favorite place in the world, most memorable place, and dream place to live?

Choosing a favorite place is tough, but a few stand out. Morocco's vibrant culture captivates us, while our first African safari in Zambia remains unforgettable. We frequently return to Tuscany for its food and landscapes, London for its energy, and Portugal for its charm. Our dream is to live in Paris, enchanted by its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

Can you walk us through your process of planning your next journey? Where do you typically draw inspiration from for your travel content?

Planning our next trip is an exciting process. We draw inspiration from Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, travel blogs, and books. Once we pick a destination, we dive into detailed research to identify must-see attractions, handle logistics, and explore unique angles for our content. We use Excel to organize itineraries and track business expenses, Canva for creating guides and graphics for our digital products, Lightroom for photo editing, and CapCut for video editing. Our goal is to share stories that inspire and resonate with our audience.

How do you find the balance between constant traveling and creating your safe space? What helps you organize frequent trips effectively?

Balancing constant travel with a stable home base is a delicate dance. We achieve this by maintaining a structured routine and setting up an organized, comfortable workspace. The elegant and ergonomic design of the Oakywood line helps us create a calming environment that grounds us amidst our travels. Using quality materials and sleek design, these products bring both stability and comfort, making our home office a true sanctuary. This setup allows us to seamlessly transition between travel and work, ensuring productivity and relaxation.

How many hours a day do you typically work? Do you have any daily routines or rituals that help you stay focused?

Our workdays vary with the flow of projects and travel demands. On average, we dedicate several hours each day to everything from content creation to business management. Maintaining a structured daily routine is key, especially when we’re home. Morning meditation and afternoon walks are essential rituals that help us stay focused and balanced. When we’re traveling, it’s more challenging to stick to our routines, but we try to incorporate exercise and moments of mindfulness wherever we are. Additionally, our Oakywood Standing Desk, with its adjustable height feature, allows us to switch between sitting and standing, promoting both comfort and productivity throughout the day.

What are the biggest challenges you face when working together, and how do you overcome them? Do you share responsibilities in running the business, and if so, how?

Working together as a couple comes with its own set of challenges, from balancing strengths to maintaining clear communication. Mutual respect and a shared vision are our pillars. We divide tasks based on our expertise and interests: Francesca handles management, contact with clients, and creative aspects, while Tommaso focuses on content editing, copywriting, and editorial planning. Regular check-ins, setting clear goals, and maintaining an organized and functional work environment are crucial for smooth and efficient collaboration. Oakywood’s desk accessories, like the Geometric Pen Pot, Sticky Notes Holder Oakyblocks, and Wooden Catchall Tray, help us keep our workspace tidy and efficient, ensuring everything has its place.

With such a large social media community and frequent travel, how do you manage your productivity? Any tips for organizing your work and setting work-life boundaries?

Managing productivity amidst a bustling social media life and frequent travels requires careful planning and discipline. Setting realistic goals, prioritizing tasks, and utilizing productivity tools like Excel for itineraries and expense tracking, Canva for creating guides and graphics, Lightroom for photo editing, CapCut for video editing, and Google Drive for file storage are crucial. Establishing boundaries between work and leisure is essential. We chose Oakywood for our workspace precisely because their mission is to enhance productivity with beautifully crafted products. Their range of stylish and functional items helps us create a well-organized and comfortable workspace, supporting both our productivity and relaxation.

How do you relax and recharge outside of your travels? Do you take breaks from online activities?

Outside of our travels, we prioritize activities that nourish our bodies and minds. Whether it’s spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, or indulging in creative hobbies, we consciously disconnect from online activities to recharge. Creating a serene home atmosphere is essential for us to unwind and rejuvenate. Ensuring our space remains a haven of relaxation and inspiration allows us to fully relax and recharge.

What’s your favorite interior design style and materials?

We love cozy minimalism, characterized by clean lines, natural materials, and warm textures. Earthy tones, sustainable wood accents, and thoughtfully curated spaces are our favorites. Oakywood's pieces, made from high-quality oak wood, perfectly match this aesthetic. Their sustainable approach and elegant craftsmanship bring a touch of nature and sophistication to our home.

Describe your workspace at home. Which Oakywood products do you use to support your productivity, and how do they enhance your workflow?

Our home workspace is a blend of simplicity and functionality, with Oakywood products playing a central role. The Wooden Standing Desk and Desk Shelf create an ergonomic setup. The Triple Dock keeps all our devices charged and ready, while the Catchall Tray and Geometric Pot keep essentials organized. These products not only support our workflow but also add elegance to our workspace.

What does comfort mean to you, both in terms of home and office interior design?

Comfort means creating an environment that fosters focus, creativity, and well-being. It’s about balancing functionality and aesthetics, with elements that promote relaxation and inspiration. From ergonomic furniture to soft lighting and natural elements, every detail contributes to a space that feels inviting and supportive. Oakywood’s products, with their high-quality materials and thoughtful design, embody this balance, enhancing both the comfort and style of our spaces.