Wooden Fashion: Stylish & Eco Gadgets

Do you love unmatchable style, fashion, and the latest in technology? Meet Oakywood, a fashion-forward, trendy, upscale and eco-friendly product line consisting of nothing but the finest wooden accessories, stylish wooden eco gadgets, pure craftsmanship, and impeccable style.

Oakywood wooden phone and wooden laptop accessories are a fun way to express your personal style, without compromising your taste for the finer things in life - all at affordable prices that won't break the bank.

We have so much more than just wooden iPhone cases, wooden Apple watch docks, Solid wood laptop stands, and more. We have products that speak to people from every walk of life.

Here's an overview of some of our unique products here at Oakywood. There's sure to be Wooden eco-gadgets to truly inspire you and your personal style in our lineup.

 wooden headphone stand

Wooden Headphone Stand - $59 Oak, $69 Walnut

This trendy wooden headphone stand is made from solid wood and is hand crafted from the finest materials. Available in either Oak wood or Walnut wood, this unique piece is perfect for any age. Includes solid steel. This headphone stand is universal in size, meaning it can hold headphones of any style or size - and you'll be proud to have this one on display as a conversation piece. Would make a great gift for your teen or as a going away to college gift.


Solid Wood Monitor Stand - $119 Walnut, $99 Oak

This innovative monitor stand not only looks incredible, but it's so great for your eyes as it raises your computer to eye level - about 3.6 inches, in fact - and in turn, reduces your eye and neck strain all at once. Get work done in comfort and style with this wooden monitor stand, perfect for your home office desk or work desk. You can use the underside for storing your keyboard, pens and pencils, or other important things you might need within arms reach. This stand is crafted from solid wood with open pores, and has been finished with natural oils to really bring out the beauty of the wood grain. A truly unique find.


wooden planter

Wooden Geometric Planter

Our Wooden Geometric Planters come in Walnut Wood ($29) or Oak Wood ($29) and are handcrafted into a geometric shape from solid wood. These planters make a classy addition to a tabletop or shelf, and are perfect for planting a succulent or other low-maintenance plant to make your house more of a home. Also perfect for gift giving. The interior of the planter is coated with aluminum to safeguard your piece from water damage.


The items pictured above are just a small fraction of the wooden eco gadgets we have available in our shop, so be sure to stop by https://www.oakywood.shop and have a look around to meet all of your stylish eco-friendly needs. We know you'll love it here!